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CLA Annual Association Meeting

Wednesday, May 17, 2023

6:00 pm open house for retiring directors

7:00 pm Annual Association Meeting




When: Please mark your calendars and plan to attend these meetings.

WEDNESDAY, May 17, 2023

6:00pm Open House with cake in appreciation for retiring board members Pat Wolters and Susan McClure who have given many years of service to Crockery Lake.

At this time we will be collecting member dues of $35 and fireworks donations. You can only vote if you are a member

7:00pm Annual Association Meeting

Guest speaker Dr. Jennifer Jones from Restorative Lake Services to talk about lake quality, what can be done, and forming a Lake Improvement Board.

Nominations will be taken for directors. Mollie Gaggen who's term is ending this year has consented to run for another 3 year term. We need to have at least 2 more nominations to fullfill the desired 9 member board of directors. This will be followed by elections. The annual meeting will end after the elections.

Crockery Lake Association AGENDA

May 17, 2023

Social Time - 6:00 pm

Annual Meeting - 7:00 pm

Chester Township Hall

  1. Social time to honor our longtime board member Pat Wolters and outgoing board member Susan McClure 6-7pm

  2. Opportunity to become a member of Crockery Lake Association ($35).

  3. 7:00 pm Call meeting to order

  4. Roll Call

  5. Introduction of Dr. Jennifer Jones from Restorative Lake Sciences

    1. Discussion on Lake Improvement Board - fact sheets (please print)


  6. Approval of Agenda

  7. Call to the audience.

  8. Presidents Report - Betsy Ludwick

    1. Visit to Lloyd’s Bayou Lake Improvement Board

    2. Conversation with Luke Meerman, state representative

  9. Secretary Report-Susan McClure

  10. Treasurer’s Report-Greg Slater

  11. July 3 celebration

    1. Fireworks

    2. Boat parade

    3. Decorated yards

    4. Ring of fire

  12. Lake and inlet Testing - Pat Wolters

    1. Cooperative Lakes Management Program report

    2. Lake quality report

  13. Residents Contact:

    1. Notice of Lake Treatment Schedule

    2. Annual Membership Drive

  14. Nominations/Elections of board members

  15. Around the table

Next meeting: June 14, 2023 7pm

Location: Ludwick’s Landing


Restructuring Agenda Post Annual Meeting

  1. Election of officers for 2023-2024

  2. Followup on forming a Lake Improvement Board

Please send any correspondence to or phone any member of the board of directors.


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