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2019 Weed Treatment Schedule

5/13/2019 Spring Survey

5/20/2019 Weed & Algae Opt., MD Treatment

6/24/2019 Algae & Weed Opt., MD Treatment

7/22/2019 Opt. Weed & Algae, MD Treatment

8/19/2019 Fall AVAS Survey, MD Treatment


DEQ permitting restrictions, national holidays, and/or weather conditions may influence the timing of treatments throughout the 2019 season.  PLM treats each lake according to a schedule or season plan, established with the cooperation of your lake association, lake board or residents on the lake.  The treatment schedule is approximate. Please watch your shoreline for the posting of the 8.5x11 inch, yellow or green signs. The signs will indicate the date of the treatment, the products used, and any restrictions on the use of treated water for swimming, watering lawns, etc.  The property owners in this area are planning to have the waters chemically treated to control lake weeds and/or algae. This notice is being circulated accordance with Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) procedures.
Below is a list of herbicides that May be applied to the lake and the associated use restrictions.  On the day of treatment, signs will be posted along the shoreline within 100 feet of treatment areas that indicate what products were used and specific water use restrictions that apply.


The chemicals used for Aquatic Nuisance Control are registered by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and the Michigan Department of Agriculture.  The potential for damage to fish and other non-target organisms is minimal provided that the product is used as directed on the product label and the permit.  

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