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High Water Causes Concern

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Postponing the weed and algae treatment

With the high water level in the lake the CLA board asked Property Lake Management some very important questions to insure that we get the best treatment for the lake and protect the environment around the lake, specifically our lawns.

~ Some residents' lawns are flooded with lake water. Will the products used for algae and weed treatment hurt the lawns and vegetation on the shore?

PLM: Any areas of the lake that are flooded, where water is up into the lawns, should not be treated.

- Does the water need to be above a certain temperature to apply the product?

PLM: Lake temps should be above 55 degrees. Based on what we have seen around West Michigan, lake water temps are ~60 degrees. Possibly warmer with the warm weather this past weekend.

- Will it take more product to treat because the water is deeper?

PLM: The products we are using are applied on a per surface acre of weed or algae growth. Therefore, no we do not need to add more products for the increase in water depth.

- Will we lose some of the product over the weir because there is more water leaving the lake?

PLM: If the water is going over the weir, then yes there is potential that some product could be lost. However, we maintain a significant setback from the weir during all of our treatments, regardless if there is flow or not.

PLM: Based on the amount of rain we have got and continue to get, and the board's questions… let's postpone the treatment to Thursday. This will give your group more opportunity to discuss and for lake levels to potentially recede a little.

CLA Board: Please remember that when the water is high there should be no wake on the lake. It will dislodge docks and damage shorelines.


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