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July 3, 2022 Fireworks Update

Every year we have been able to have a wonderful fireworks display on our lake on July 3. Wolverine Fireworks Display has been the company we have worked with for many years. For several years, Carl Elliott and Tom Ludwick were employed by Wolverine to set up and discharge the display that night. After many attempts to get more people involved with no success, Carl and Tom stepped down and Wolverine took over again at an increased cost to us. We want to thank everyone who has contributed to the fireworks fund over the years to make it a very special part of our Crockery Lake Independence Day Celebration.

However, this year we are sorry to announce that Wolverine Fireworks is no longer able to facilitate our fireworks on the weekend of July 3. Likewise, other companies have been contacted and because of supply chain issues and lack of qualified employees they are not able to do fireworks for us. They also had a much higher minimum cost. Even if we had double the money, the weekend of the holiday would not be available to us.

This is where we need your help. We have come up with some options that we need your input on:

  1. Cancel fireworks this year altogether and refund all donations made to the fireworks fund.

  2. A different weekend would be available to us. It could be at the beginning of the summer, Memorial Day; end of the summer, Labor Day; or any other weekend in July or August.

  3. We could also collect more money to make a larger show and have fireworks every other year.

  4. If anyone knows of a licensed company that may be able to work with us please let us know.

We would really like to have your opinion on this so we can make a decision that will add to your summer enjoyment and memories.

Please contact Carl Elliott at 616-887-4203 or 616-822-9250. Or send an email to


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