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October 18, 2023 CLA Board Minutes

Crockery Lake Association Board Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2023

7:00PM Ludwick’s Landing Crockery Lake Association

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

October 18, 2023

1. Call meeting to order 7:03 PM

2. Roll Call: Betsy Ludwick, Dan Atwood, Greg Slater, Paula Humphrey, Mollie Gaggin,

Carl Elliott & Bob Blauwkamp

By Zoom: John DeGeneres

Absent: Bill Marks

Audience: 9 Residents present (see sign-in sheet)

3. Approval of Agenda: Greg Slater moved to approve the agenda be accepted as presented.

Motion supported by Mollie Gaggin. Motion carried by unanimous vote.

4. Call to the Audience: Karen Elliott read from a prepared list of questions. She did

submit a copy of those questions to the CLA Board, and they are available upon request.

Betsy did address Karen’s questions. Betsy, along with Tom Ludwick had met with the

Elliott’s prior to this evening’s meeting to address some of the Elliott’s concerns.

5. Secretary Report-Paula Humphrey, minutes on file

a. Notes from Dr. Jones interview 8/21/23, entered into this evening’s business as

evidence of having had this interview. The agreement from RLS (Restorative Lake

Sciences) was sent to a lawyer who lives on Crockery Lake, Doug VanEssen. Doug

didn’t see anything binding in the agreement that might cause future issues but did

provide a form contract should it be needed. Our next action was to attend the Chester

Township Board meeting on October 18, 2023, to have the agreement with RLS approved

and signed by a Chester Township Board member to conduct business with RLS for the

2024 lake testing needed to apply for any EGLE permits. An email was then sent out to

all CLA Board members to confirm that we hire Dr. Jennifer Jones of RLS as a

consultant for Crockery Lake for one-year (see 11.A.i.). Board members voted to

approve, with one nay vote.

b. Minutes from September 20, 2023 – in my absence, Betsy Ludwick recorded the minutes

from this meeting.                    

Greg Slater noted “Under 6d, it should be who joined "in previous years", instead of

"last year".” Motion to accept the minutes as amended was made by Bob

Blauwkamp, support from Mollie Gaggin, motion carried with Carl Elliott abstaining.

6. Treasurer’s Report – Greg Slater, report on file

a. 62 Members for 2023 $2,170.00

b. Ending General Fund after Annual expenses $2,911.83

c. Other Funds: Fund-A-Fish $25.00

Lake Cleanup Fund $5554.70

2024 Fireworks $5580.18 ($1420 still needed)

d. Greg reported that there was a shortfall in our membership dues for 2024, 62 of the

64 budgeted as well as contributions for fireworks. Discussion followed. Mollie

Gaggin suggested we have a non-profit, Go Fund Me page on our website. She

volunteered to look into setting that up. Dan Atwood suggested getting signs posted

that donations are still needed. Pat Wolters has the sign boards that slip into the CLA

signs on both the north and south sides of the lake. Paula Humphrey and Mollie

Gaggin volunteered to work on getting signs made to get posted.

e. The budget for 2024 was discussed. The CLA Board would like to be able to have

the monthly board meetings at the Chester Township Community Room. There is a

fee of $30 to meet in that building. This cost would be need to a new line item in the

budget. CLA Board would like to be able to provide residents of CLA with a paper

edition of the bi-monthly Newsletter. Discussion of some possible donations

followed. It was determined to take the cost of production of a paper edition of the

newsletter from the Communications/Office Supplies/Postage/Bank Fees line item if

expenses are more than what we receive in donation.

 A motion was made by Dan Atwood to raise the CLA Membership dues from

$35, to $40. Mollie Gaggin 2 nd motion. Discussion: raising the dues would

underwrite the added expense of the fee to use the township community room for

CLA meetings. Many more people attend the meetings when they are held at a

public location. Some meetings may be able to be held at the pavilion at Grose

Park to save some expense. Motion carried by unanimous vote of the

representatives present.

 Motion made by Bob Blauwkamp to approve the treasurer’s report as presented.

2 nd by Carl Elliott. Motion carried by unanimous vote of the representatives


 The motion made by Dan Atwood to accept the 2024 Budget as proposed and

amended, was supported by Mollie Gaggin, and carried by unanimous vote of the

representatives present.

7. President’s Report – Betsy Ludwick

a. Betsy read that an email that she had received from Ben Jordan, Ottawa Conservation

District Watershed Technician. A hard copy of this email is on file.

Ben told Betsy that he planned to present a monitoring funding proposal in November

if he is able to get on the agenda. Crockery Lake would be included in the monitoring

program, which could begin in early 2024. He also mentioned a request for funding

proposals from the Great Lakes Fisheries Trust that he is keeping an eye on. Funding

from this trust wouldn’t be available until Jan/Feb of 2024. Some of those funds may

be directed to Crockery Lake.

b. Tom Ludwick attended a presentation on the Bio-digester located at 84th Ave. in

Coopersville. The hope was to gain information on what is being done with the

manure spread on the farmer’s fields that could benefit our lake. This proved to be

only a way to extract the methane from the manure and separate the solids to make

byproducts of fertilizer and animal bedding. 

8. Fireworks 2024

a. Update – Bill Marks not present. Dan Atwood reported that the fireworks company

Bill has been in contact with would be willing to provide a show for CL with

whatever funds come in. A 50% deposit does need to be made by 12/31/23.

b. Funding - We received a quote of $7000 for the 2024 Fireworks Show, we have

currently received $5580.18 for that show, with $1420 still needed. Mollie Gaggin

will look into development of a “Go Fund Me” account that is available to nonprofits.

Betsy will notify lake residents by email to those residents who have provided an

email contact. The CLA signs will also be used to promote additional donations for

the 2024 year.

It was also discussed that tonight’s minutes be approved “tentatively” through email

by the CLA board representatives, so that the October 18, 2023, minutes could be

posted on the website to also notify lake residents of the need for an additional $1420.

Donations for 2024 are due by 12/31/23.

c. Insurance Endorsement – this agenda item was not discussed.

9. Township Lake Ordinance Review – tabled until March of 2024.

10. PLM Weed Treatment Review & Update

a. Betsy provided the representatives with a copy of PLM’s (PLM Lake and Land

Management Corp.) proposed Management Program for 2024. There is an estimated

cost of $12,000-$17,000 to provide lake treatments. The cost to pay for these

expenses is covered by a SAD (Special Assessment District) with Chester Township.

2024 will be our 3 rd year of a 3-year contract with PLM for treatment purposes.

b. Betsy also made note of the “Lake Check” – Water Quality Monitoring Report. This

was a Deep Hole, both north and south, test preformed on August 23, 2023 by PLM.

The results indicate that based on Total Phosphorus (TP) of 76 & 77, CL is

hypereutrophic. Copies of this report are available upon request.

11. Sediment Nutrient Evaluation report from RLS – this report will be available on the CLA

website. Our lake is in very bad shape. Comparable to a lake that has been studied in

China with the same numbers. Please see the reports on the website

a. Agreement with RLS

i. One Year: This agreement would cover the cost at an hourly rate for the

initial testing needed to apply for permits with EGLE. It will also cover

reports, hours logged with the Ottawa Conservation District, and hours needed

to vet companies that would provide needed services to remediate our lake.

ii. Three Year – TBD after the EGLE process has been completed. We may also

qualify for grants that would cover hourly rates, and not a flat fee.

Discussion: Crockery Lake needs to have a Lake Management Plan. Working with

Ben Jordan, OCD there are funds available from EGLE to develop this plan.

12. Around the table

Carl Elliott: Recommended that people google EGLE/aeration and requirements for

permitting. It is a 35-page document. He also spoke about the possibility of adding an

aeration unit in the lake in front of his own home is permissible by EGLE if it isn’t

anchored at the bottom of the lake, as to not disturb any sediment on the bottom.

Bob Blauwkamp: nothing

Greg Slater: nothing

Betsy Ludwick: nothing

Paula Humphrey: nothing

Mollie Gaggin: Looking forward to moving forward so that our lake will be as beautiful

all year round as it is right now.

Dan Atwood: It’s time to talk some common sense to the rest of the lake residents. To

get the message out that the lake isn’t good. The Board needs to get out our testing

results to the residents.

John DeGeneres (zoom): nothing

Audience Comments: nothing

Greg Slater that the meeting be adjourned, 8:35 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by Paula Humphrey     

Next meeting:  March 15, 2023

Location: Possibly Zoom and TBD


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