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CLA Annual Association Meeting - Wednesday May 15 at 7 pm.

Chester Township Hall

3509 Sehler St.

Conklin, MI

The board encourages you to attend all CLA Board Meetings so you stay informed.

You are invited and encouraged to attend this meeting of the Crockery Lake Association.

This is the yearly meeting where directors are elected to the CLA Board. There will be 3 vacancies this year and there are 2 people who have volunteered to be nominated. We would welcome any riparian (lake land owner) who is willing to give a little of your time for Crockery Lake. These are 3 year terms. Meetings are once a month from March through October. If you are interested in helping to preserve and enjoy our little piece of paradise please come to the meeting and volunteer to be nominated. Or contact us at to ask any questions or submit your name or someone else who is willing to be nominated.

We welcome our guest speaker, Ben Jordan, Ottawa County Conservation District Watershed Technician. The board has been working with Ben on some grants for our lake and ways to work with the watershed.

Next meeting:  June 19, 2024, 7pm

Location: Chester Township Hall


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Crockery Lake Association Annual Members meeting is tonight at the Chester Township Hall at 7:00pm. 3509 Sehler, Conklin, MI. Elections will take place for 3 positions. Betsy Ludwick has agreed to run


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