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June 2022 / Newsletter

Updated: Oct 10, 2022

Our JUNE 2022 Newsletter is now available for viewing!


Unfortunately, we will not have our annual fireworks display on July 3 this year. High costs, inability to get enough fireworks, and lack of employees are all contributing factors. We are still going to gather as a lake community to celebrate our great nation’s birth on July 3.

We will be celebrating Independence Day on Sunday, July 3, 2022. Here is the schedule:

  1. NEW THIS YEAR! Lakefront Decorating! We would like to encourage everyone to put out your best Independence Day decorations on the lakefront. It’s like decorating for Christmas but doing it for Independence Day instead. The yard that decorates the best will have a special sign to display in their yard and bragging rights as the winner! Who will be the first winner?

  2. The Ring of Fire will start at 9:45 pm. Candles will be available through your board representative listed below for $1.25 each. Light your candles and participate in this special tradition. Don’t forget to save your milk jugs but ice cream pails work well too! Candles are available from your lake representative or at Pat Wolters home for $1.25 each.

  3. We are encouraging you to safely have your own fireworks. Please conclude any loud noises by 11:00pm. Be mindful of your neighbors, their homes, their boats, boat covers, umbrellas, and awnings so that no sparks land on them. We should also be kind to the pets because many are spooked and anxious by the loud noises.

  4. The Boat Parade will get underway at 7:30 pm. Entries will register at the CLA Treasurer’s house by 6:00 pm the day of the event. (Blue house on the north side of the lake) Each boat will be given a numbered sign which is to be attached to the boat and visible for the judges to see. The numbered signs must be turned back in to the treasurer after two circuits of the lake are completed. Any lake resident may enter a boat in the parade, BUT only members of the Crockery Lake Association are eligible for a cash prize.

    • Boats will queue up at the treasurer’s house by 7:15 pm for pictures on the day of the parade. 2500 Crockery Shores Road. There will be a sign by the lake at his house.

    • A head judge and 4 other judges have been appointed by the CLA Board.

      • Judges must be members of the Crockery Lake Association.

      • Judges must phone, text, or email their votes to the head judge within thirty minutes of the last boat passing the judge’s house.

      • The head judge will tabulate the votes and phone or email the results to the Treasurer within one hour after the parade is over.

    • The treasurer will phone or email the winners before the fireworks begin.

    • The Treasurer will distribute the prize money within five days of the parade. If there is a tie, the money will be divided. Only CLA members can win the prize money.

      • Prizes

        • First place - $75

        • Second place - $50

        • Third place - $25


  1. We will still be collecting donations for the 2023 fireworks. As soon as possible, we will contract with a company for next year. Usually, this can happen in the fall. However, as mentioned before the cost of goods has greatly increased. This means that the great show we have always had for about $6,000 will now cost a lot more. It’s not possible to predict how much more. To ensure that we do have a memorable fireworks display in 2023 we would like to collect more money. All donations to the fireworks are tax deductible. The funds that we have designated for this year will now go towards the 2023 fireworks.

  2. The Gustins are selling 2 different options to raise money for the 2022 fireworks. Call 616-822-7139 to place your order. All profit from the sales will go toward the 2023 fireworks fund.

    • Another beautifully designed T-shirt. Cost is $20.

    • Vanity plate for your boat/pontoon $15.


After the Milfoil has been chemically treated, another weed, COONTAIL, will take its place. COONTAIL looks similar to Milfoil, but does not spread the same way. Feel free to pull out as much COONTAIL as you can stand! But please make sure it is COONTAIL! If it is Milfoil pulling it out will make it spread. Please do not pull out the Milfoil!


What is a harmful algal bloom?

A harmful algal bloom (HAB) occurs when toxin-producing algae grow excessively in a body of water. Algae are microscopic organisms that live in aquatic environments and use photosynthesis to produce energy from sunlight, just like plants. The excessive algal growth, or algal bloom, becomes visible to the naked eye and can be green, blue-green, red, or brown, depending on the type of algae.

Algae are always present in natural bodies of water like oceans, lakes, and rivers, but only a few types can produce toxins. In these algae, toxin production can be stimulated by environmental factors such as light, temperature, and nutrient levels. Algal toxins are released into the surrounding water or air can seriously harm people, animals, fish, and other parts of the ecosystem.

Scientists know that environmental conditions trigger HABs, such as warmer water temperatures in the summer and excessive nutrients from fertilizers or sewage waste brought by runoff, but are still learning more about why HABs occur. As climate change gradually warms the earth’s climate, scientists expect HABs to become more frequent, wide-ranging, and severe.

During a HAB, people can get exposed to toxins from fish they catch and eat, from swimming in or drinking the water, and from the air they breathe. In recent years, there have been numerous instances of HABs in lakes that provide drinking water, like Lake Erie. Importantly, cooking contaminated seafood or boiling contaminated water does not destroy the toxins. (This is in extreme cases - editor).

People rarely get sick from HAB-related toxins in commercial seafood, however, because state regulators closely monitored fisheries for HABs and close them during blooms.

People can prevent exposure to HABs by following local health advisories regarding the safety of recreationally caught seafood and drinking water sources.

HABs that occur in freshwater, like the Great Lakes and other drinking water sources, are dominated by the cyanobacteria Microcystis. This organism produces a liver toxin that can cause gastrointestinal illness as well as liver damage. (In extreme cases - editor)

As with many environmental exposures, children and the elderly may be especially sensitive to HAB toxins. Populations that rely heavily on seafood are also at risk of long term health effects from potentially frequent, low level exposures to HAB toxins.

Therefore, your Crockery Lake Association Board of Directors is working hard to find a way to clean up our lake. Our preference is to do it in a non-chemical way. This is why we promote septic tank health so loud and often. We are currently studying a possible way to use a balance of microbiology to eliminate the Microcystin. More information will be shared in the July newsletter. Stay tuned.


Avoid Swimmer's Itch! Watch the weather!

When the wind is blowing perpendicular to the shore, blowing the water straight into the shoreline, cercaria, the swimmer's itch parasite, will concentrate in the shallow water. A steady to light wind carries the water into the shore, bringing the cercaria with it. The most common summer breeze comes from west-southwest. Thus, beaches on the east side or northeast side of a lake are most apt to have concentrations of cercaria after several days of steady breeze. The highest concentrations seem to be in the morning, making the later afternoon a better time to swim.

(The above information is adapted from a GR Press article, June 8, 2021, page B1.)

These tips might help reduce the itch:

  1. Apply a cream or medication.

  2. Don't scratch.

  3. Cover affected areas with a clean, wet washcloth.

  4. Soak in a bath sprinkled with Epsom salts, baking soda or oatmeal.

  5. Make a paste of baking soda and water, and then apply it to the affected areas.


When a person/child spends a lot of time in the water and going under water they may develop an ear ache. This is prevented and helped with a very easy home made solution.

A homemade cure can be mixed from a solution of half rubbing alcohol and half white vinegar. The alcohol combines with water in the ear and then evaporates, removing the water, while the acidity of the vinegar keeps bacteria from growing. Apply a couple of drops of solution in each ear after swimming or if an earache occurs.. If the earache persists consult a physician.


Your family’s health and the lake’s water quality depends on this. By pumping regularly, you will avoid costly repairs to your system. This is a very important way in which all residents can help preserve the health of Crockery Lake. Kerkstra’s Septic | 616-209-4472 continues to offer discounted rates to Crockery Lake residents. We implore you to keep your septic systems working well. Our lake health depends on it.

Also, if you flush the contents of a packet of dry yeast once a month the good bacteria will grow in the septic tank.


Per Professional Lake Management, removal of eelgrass by chemical control is generally not recommended (1) because of oxygen depletion in the water, (2) the disruption of fish habitat, and (3) the chemical treatment will only be effective for 2 weeks—then the eelgrass quickly grows back.

Luckily, eelgrass has shallow roots and it is easy to pull out. The earlier you pull it out, the less work it will be for you. Be a good lake neighbor--like milfoil, be sure to remove all fragments as they may reroot in another spot.

Chuck Lane has found by reducing the muck, he has reduced the amount of eelgrass growing in his swim area. He buys muck pellets from Professional Lake Management. A roughly $100 bucket will cover an area approximately 50’ x 50’. Apply the pellets once a month. MD Pellets. They will make arrangements to drop off the pellets at your house so you avoid shipping costs.


We all love and want a beautiful lawn and yard. The best way to achieve this is to water your lawn with lake water which is rich in natural nutrients to encourage lawn growth and health (according to Property Lake Management). The use of fertilizer is not allowed within 300 feet of the water. Weed killer alone without fertilizer is allowed.

According to Chester Township Ordinance:

“An Ordinance to promote the control of aquatic vegetation in Crockery Lake by prohibiting the use of certain chemicals within three hundred feet of Crockery Lake, by prohibiting the dumping of grass clippings or lawn waste in Crockery Lake, providing for that abatement of violation as nuisances, and providing penalties for the violations of the provisions of this Ordinance.”

“No Person shall apply, deposit, leave, maintain, place, use or permit another Person to apply, deposit, leave, maintain, place, or use any fertilizer on any land or property within three hundred feet (300’) of the lakeshore of Crockery Lake. b. No Person shall deposit, dump, or place, nor permit another Person to deposit, dump, or place any grass clippings, yard wastes, shrubs, leaves, tree branches, brush or other plant materials either on or in Crockery Lake, nor shall any Person store any such materials in a location in such close proximity to the waters of Crockery Lake or in any manner that makes it more likely than not that such materials will be moved into the waters of Crockery Lake by wind, water or other means.”


Michigan has a leash law that requires all dogs to be on a leash, which means the owner is responsible to enforce this law by keeping their animal securely on a leash and under control when in public areas. Unfortunately, many dog owners do not implement this law and allow their dogs to run freely in streets and parks. When a person is injured after being pursued by a dog, the dog owner is accountable for the injuries suffered in the attack. This includes compensation for pain and suffering, a scar or disfigurement, and payment of medical expenses related to the dog bite attack.

There have been complaints about dogs running through yards around our lake. Please, please before someone or a pet gets hurt, keep your dogs on a leash.

Also, as a courtesy to all neighbors please try to keep your dogs from barking ceaselessly. The sound carries even more on a lake.


We are always looking for news items of interest to put in the newsletter. If you find an article that is pertinent to our lake or lake living please send it to We enjoy publishing your lake pictures also. Catch a big fish lately? Did you get a good bird picture?

  1. Next month pictures of the boat parade and recap of July 3 festivities.

  2. More information about a new treatment option for algae is being explored.




CROCKERY LAKE FACEBOOK: www.facebook/crockerylake



President / Betsy Ludwick

Position Expires: 4/30/24

616.723.5704 /

Representing: 2563 Crockery Shores Road - 2798 Crockery Shores Road

Vice President / Pat Wolters

Position Expires: 4/30/23

616.887.8707 /

Represents: 2833 - 2871 Crockery Shores, Kaycee Lane, Crockery Woods

Treasurer / Greg Slater

Position Expires: 4/30/25

Representing: 2221 Van Dyke St - 2391 Van Dyke St

Secretary / Susan Mcclure

Position Expires: 4/30/23

Represents: 2519 - 2681 Van Dyke

Immediate Past President / Bob Blauwkamp

Position Expires: 4/30/23

616.957.9007 /

Representing: 2332 - 2550 Crockery Shores Road, 24th Ave, Hoover


Mollie Gaggan

Position expires: 4/30/2023

313.712.6437 /

Representing: 2081 Van Dyke - 2211 Van Dyke

Paula Humphrey

Position Expires: 4/30/25

616.498.0363 /

Representing: 2392 Van Dyke - 2516 Van Dyke

Carl Elliott

Position Expires: 4/30/2024

616.822.9250 mobile

616.887.4203 home /

Representing: 2705 Van Dyke St - 2835 Van Dyke

John DeGeneres

Position expires: 4/30/24


Katie Spangler and Betsy Ludwick &

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