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March 20,2024 CLA Board Minutes

Crockery Lake Association 

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes 

March 20, 2024 - ZOOM 

1. Call meeting to order 7:02 PM 

2. Roll Call: Betsy Ludwick, Greg Slater, Paula Humphrey, Bill Marks, Carl Elliott, Bob  Blauwkamp, & John DeGeneres 

Absent: Dan Atwood, Mollie Gaggan 

Audience: Karen Elliott, Jody Hyde & Lesha Gustin 

3. Approval of Agenda: Greg Slater moved to approve the agenda as presented. Motion  supported by Bob Blauwkamp. Motion carried by unanimous vote. 

4. Call to the Audience: No comments. 

5. President’s Report – Betsy Ludwick 

a. Ben Jordan: Betsy reached out to Ben Jordan via Email just wanting to remind him  that we are still here, below is his reply. Betsy read the reply at the meeting and  asked for any discussion after the reading. 

“Good afternoon, Betsy! 

Couple updates for you. 

1. We are still pursuing the county monitoring funding that would allow us to do  all sorts of water quality monitoring and watershed planning for the Crockery  (including the Lake). We finally got in front of the County Finance Commission  and presented some info as a discussion item & are hoping to be included in the  next meeting as an official agenda item. I will keep you informed of how it goes! 

2. We're waiting to hear about the Great Lakes Conservation grant that would  allow monitoring and shoreline restoration/natural shoreline work. I think we're  supposed to hear about this sometime in June, but I’ll have to doublecheck. 

3. I’m currently looking at two other funding streams that would provide funding  for BMPs, shoreline restoration work, culvert work, etc. We will be applying for  these sometime in the coming months. 

As always I understand it’s a slow process but we have some promising leads!” Benjamin Jordan 

Ottawa Conservation District Watershed Technician 

b. Jennifer Jones: Betsy also emailed Jennifer re: progress for testing for 2024. Her  reply follows:

Hello Betsy! 

We have had a fairly busy winter with much scientific research. This season is going to be interesting as the winter ice cover was scant at best and associated snowpack was nearly absent from most lakes. Even the northernmost lakes had limited ice cover. This could lead to accelerated growth of all forms of vegetation this season. 

I would need some direction from you on what you want us to do for 2024. Our agreement is fairly open-ended at this point with hourly costs emphasized and a not-to-exceed amount. I would highly recommend that we sample the deep basins as a profile just after stratification occurs. That would 

cost around $3,000 for all parameters and a report out of data. Did you want us to survey the vegetation or PLM? If we sample in late April/early May, we can do both the lake survey and the water quality sampling. The vegetation survey would add an additional $1,000. We can make treatment recommendations for PLM at that time based on the survey data. 

I can send a reminder on the April 1 payment. 

Ben has not made recent contact with me. I will reach out to him. I cannot make the meeting tomorrow night on short notice as I have a previously scheduled board meeting at the same time. I will call you this afternoon. 


Dr. Jennifer L. Jermalowicz-Jones 

Professional Limnologist 

Certified Professional Watershed Manager 

Restorative Lake Sciences 

*Wanting additional clarification, Betsy called Jennifer prior to our meeting. Jennifer did indicate that Curly Leaf will be bad in all lakes this summer. 


Bob: Are we going to discuss our directive with her?  

Greg: He concurred with Bob. 

Betsy: Said she would contact PLM to ask if an annual lake survey is a part of our contract with  them, and if there is an additional fee. 

Bill: We have hired Jennifer to help us. Do we need to subcontract her to mediate with PLM?  He recommended that we stick to the plan and have RLS perform the needed testing for EGLE. *There was some discussion regarding what was spent last fall out of our SAD and how much is  left to use in 2024. 

Carl: We need to be using our SAD accordingly. 

Betsy: Permitting – Jennifer said she had attended many conferences over the winter. There are  8 new options available for treating weeds. The top option currently being considered by EGLE  is the “Pro2-Unit”. A 4.6 acre, 30’ deep hole lake has been chosen as a test study and more  information on this new procedure will be available after the test is completed. The unit is  produced by Greener Planet Systems, Ross Simpson. The cost for this unit is much more realistic 

for our purposes. Jennifer asked Betsy if we were moving ahead with testing, the total cost for all  4 tests is $15,000. The spring test would take place once the stratification has occurred. Bob: Additional funds will need to be raised for us to pay RLS.  

*We currently have $5,554.70 in the “Lake Clean Up” fund. 

Carl: Reminded us that we spent $1200 of the SAD monies last fall for the first test, leaving  $12,800 to be used on weed treatment, etc. for the 2024 season. 

c. MLSA Conference: April 26-27 to be held in Muskegon this year. 

Both Betsy Ludwick & Greg Slater plan to attend this event this year because it is  local. Pat Wolters will be honored as “Riparian of the Year” at this event. 

6. Secretary Report-Paula Humphrey, minutes on file 

Minutes from October 18, 2023 were reviewed. These minutes have already been posted on the  Crockery Lake Website because tentative approval was given at this meeting. Greg Slater motioned  to approve the minutes as presented. This motion was supported by Bob Blauwkamp. No discussion.  The motion carried by unanimous vote of the board representatives present. 

7. Treasurer’s Report – Greg Slater, report on file for 2023 

a. We ended 2023 with 64 members, matching the amount needed to meet budget. $2,240.00 

b. Ending General Fund after Annual expenses $2,970.00 The overage is from the Deep Hole test that came to more than it had been the prior year.  The cost for this expense was taken out of the Lake Cleanup fund, $595.30. c. Other Funds: Fund-A-Fish $25.00  Lake Cleanup Fund $5554.70 

 2024 Fireworks $3833.75 

 2023 Year-end Balance $12,383.54 

Greg thanked Betsy for setting up the Give Butter online giving resource for the Fireworks, an  additional $1700 was contributed by year end. 

Motion made by Bob Blauwkamp to approve the treasurer’s report as presented. 2nd by Bill  Marks. Motion carried by unanimous vote of the representatives present. 

8. May Association Meeting 

a. Speaker 


Bob: The purpose of a speaker would be to educate us as lake residents. 

Several names were presented, caution was given that we have limited funds to pay a  speaker. 

It was decided to ask Ben Jordan to speak at this meeting. Ben is better able to give a  more encompassing approach on what is happening in MI and more specifically West  MI on the big issues that we have with our lakes and streams and what is needed to  clean them up. Betsy will be the contact person. 

b. Elections: Betsy asked for nominees 

Board Representatives up for reelection for a 3-year term: Betsy Ludwick, John  DeGeneres & Carl Elliott. Betsy is willing to have her name placed on the ballot. 

Carl would be willing to serve if another candidate doesn’t come forward. John has  decided to step down at this time. Nominations from lake residents are being sought. 

c. Special Recognition of Retiring Officers: no discussion 

9. Committee Reports 

a. Nominations: see 8b. 

b. Lake Quality 

Greg opened the discussion of whether we move ahead with RLS and the needed  testing of the deep hole once the lake turns over. Wanting to keep the momentum  going. Bob asked if we could generate some fund raisers to supplement the Lake  Clean Up fund. 

Greg Slater motioned to approve moving ahead with the spring test. Bill Marks 2nd that motion, emphasizing that we only use RLS for the testing needed to move ahead  with EGLE. Discussion followed: Carl stressed that the funds for this testing should  come from the Lake Clean Up fund and not out of the SAD with Chester Township,  as we still need to have funds for weed treatment. Bill mentioned that the Lake Clean  Up fund has no restrictions and that the SAD does have limitations. 

The motion carried by unanimous vote of the Board Representatives present.  

c. Membership Report – Greg Slater reiterated that we reached the budget goal of 64  members by the end of 2023. 

d. Events: Mollie wasn’t present. Betsy voiced that we should consider having a fund  raiser in addition to our annual events. 

e. Website report & Facebook – Betsy Ludwick 

Not much has been posted since October. She did post a Christmas Greeting and has also posted  death announcements for the 3 people who passed away over the winter. 

10. July 3, 2024 

a. Fireworks 2024, Funding has been reached. Bill Marks asked about the Insurance  Endorsement that is needed. Bill will ask the Michigan Family Fireworks, LLC for  the form needed to submit to the township re: insurance. Betsy said she will also  need a copy to send to the DNR.  

b. Betsy expressed that we should do the Boat Parade and Lawn Displays again this  summer. 

11. Review of Ordinance – Betsy asked each of us to get a copy of the ordinance (2019-02- 01) and review it for discussion at our April in-person meeting. It can be found on the  Chester Township website: 


12. Around the table 

Carl Elliott: He has purchased a printer to be used by CLA to print newsletters for  distribution. He mentioned that Dan Atwood had offered to supply the paper. Greg 

mentioned that we would need to also offset the cost of ink. It was discussed that we post  a full edition on a regular basis on the website and print a modified version to save paper,  instructing people to go to the website for entire articles. 

Greg Slater: Our contract with PLM ends in 2024. We need to be proactive in selecting  a company to treat our lake and not wait until the end of the year to discuss this. This  item will be added to the April agenda. 

John DeGeneres: nothing 

Bill Marks: The Lake Ordinance to be reviewed is 2019-02-01. 

Bob Blauwkamp: nothing 

Paula Humphrey: nothing 

Betsy Ludwick: Said she will be returning to MI April 24th to attend the MLSA  Conference and will contact Chester Township to get our Board meetings reserved. Audience Comments: Lesha Gustin spoke for Nicole, that she has a design made for the  2024 Fireworks T-shirt Fund Raiser and an example should be ready by the April  meeting to start taking orders. Nicole also suggested we could have a Paddle Board/Race  fund raiser. 

Greg Slater motioned that the meeting be adjourned, support from Bob Blauwkamp,  meeting adjourned at 8:26 pm. 

Minutes respectfully submitted by Paula Humphrey 

Next meeting: April 24, 2024 

Location: Chester Township Community Room

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