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September 20, 2023 CLA Board Minutes

Crockery Lake Association Board Meeting Minutes

August 16, 2023

7:00PM Ludwick’s Landing

  1. CLA Board Meeting MINUTES September 20, 2023, 7PM Ludwick’s Landing b. Report from Dr. Jennifer Jones 9. Water Quality Testing: a. Proposals from PLM & Restorative Lake Sciences -not received yet. i. This is a machine that processes manure and makes it into methane gas which can be sold back to the gas company. And it turns some of what’s left into dried bedding for animals. And the rest is used as fertilizer for the fields. This comes from a huge grant from EXXON. There is a processing plant in Coopersville. 10. Nomination committee for 2023 a. Fulfillment of Bill Ferrier’s term 11. access to board members. No need. The president will forward any emails that come through if

  2. Call meeting to order 7PM

  3. Roll Call

  4. BetsyLudwick, BobBlauwkamp, GregSlater, MollieGaggen, Bill Marks

  5. Via Zoom- DanAtwood, JohnDeGeneres

  6. Absent with notification- PaulaHumphrey

  7. Attendees: Dave & Jodi Hyde, Mike Dunnuck, Gary Meerman,Tom Ludwick

  8. Approval of Agenda - motion by Greg second by Bob.Motion passed

  9. Call to the audience - no comments

  10. Secretary Report - Paula absent with notification a. Motion to approve the minutes of August 16, 2023 by Bill, second Greg approved. Motion passed

  11. Treasurer’s Report- GregSlater

  12. Ending general fund balance as of 8/31/23 - $4,386.46

  13. Fireworks fund as o f8/31/23-$5,310.18

  14. Motion by Mollie, second by Bill to accept financia lreport as presented. Motion passed

  15. Review of list of members who joined last year and haven’t joined this year. Board members were encouraged to contact these people.

  16. Fireworks 2023 Update-Bill Marks

  17. Would it be worth having a lesser show next year but still have a show next year at $5500?

  18. Will try to get more money. Bill will be in touch with the company and ask if they can still provide a show with the amount we have.

  19. Lake Treatment Review & Update a. Grant options -Betsy Ludwick i. Possible funding from the county according to Ben Jordan


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