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MAY 2024 Newsletter


Crockery Lake Association

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At the May 2024 Michigan Lake & Stream Conference, our own Pat Wolters was honored as

Riparian of the Year for 2024. Her accomplishments over more than 50 years are: over 50 years

of being a riparian on Crockery Lake; spearheading the formation of the Crockery Lake

Association; president of CLA; vice president of CLA; and Secretary MLSA. Her knowledge

and contributions to Crockery Lake are greatly appreciated. No one has more knowledge of our

lake than Pat. Congratulations, Pat! A well deserved honor and award.


Crockery Lake is an all sports lake. This means we welcome all water activities. But

there is some protocol for Wake boats. Wake boats are created to make bigger waves which

go deeper into the water and roll farther than a normal wake. These waves are very erosive

to the shoreline. Therefore, legislation has been introduced in Lansing to regulate where

wake boats can operate: “It will require watercraft in “wake sport mode” to be 500 feet or

more from a shore or dock and at a depth of 20 feet or more.” This has not been passed yet.

We ask you PLEASE use the middle of the lake when in wake sport mode. Do not

go close to the shore. The topography of the lake only has 2 deep areas, by the park and by

the boat ramp. Empty your ballasts when not wake boarding or wake surfing.IF you visit another water body and then return to Crockery Lake, PLEASE empty

and rinse your ballasts to make sure you are not bringing unwanted invasive species along

for the ride. These can devastate a lake.




Lesha Gustin and Nicole Bonter are

offering 2024 Crockery Lake T-shirts again this

year. All profit from sales will go toward the

2025 firework fund. They are a lovely heather

red. T-shirts sell for $20 each. Contact Lesha at

616-822-7139 by calling or texting to order.


We are pleased to announce that we will all be enjoying a wonderful fireworks display

this year on July 3 at about 10:00pm. All details of our July 3 celebration will be in the June


July 3 will still be designated as our official celebration date for Crockery Lake. We will

start with the boat parade at 7:30pm. We encourage everyone to decorate your boat and have

some family/friend fun while hearing the cheers from the shore. In addition, we would love to

see you “Decorate for the holiday”. What fun it was last year to see all the amazing decorations

in your yards. Let’s do it again! More details in the June newsletter.

We encourage you to SAFELY have your own fireworks on your shores between the

hours of dusk and 11:00pm. We can all sit and enjoy them on our lake shores or in our boats. Be

safe and be respectful.

Thank you to Carl Elliott and Bill Marks for facilitating our fireworks program this year.

And thanks to the Gunkle’s for the use of their property as our detonation area.


Our annual association meeting was held on May 17, 2024. Our main speakers were Ben

Jordan and Sarah Bowman from the Ottawa County Conservation District. Please look for the

May 17, 2024 minutes on the website for a full report of their

presentation. You will also receive an email from the website when the approved minutes are


If you haven’t visited the Crockery Lake website please do and sign up to receive all of

the news and announcements.

NEW BOARD MEMBERSElections were held for 2024 board members. Betsy Ludwick was willing to be

nominated again and two new riparians were elected: Jason Beuschel and Tyler Heitzman. Thank

you for being willing to serve. Contact information will be at the end of the newsletter.


The next CLA Board meeting will be June 19, 2024 at 7pm at the Chester

Township Hall.

2024 DUES

Very soon a Crockery Lake Board Director will come around and greet you and collect

dues for 2024 and any donations towards the fireworks fund. The fireworks on July 3 are totally

paid for from your donations. If we do not receive enough money in donations the fireworks for

2025 will be canceled.

Annual dues are $40 to be a member of the Lake Association. Additionally, any extra you

give goes toward our 2024 Fireworks. Please go to and click on

Association to see why being a member is important to you.

We are offering three options to pay this year:

* Use the form at the end of the newsletter (you can print just the last page) to send your check

to: Greg Slater, 2500 Crockery Shores Road, Casnovia, MI 49318

* Use BillPay through your bank website. Send to: Greg Slater, 2500 Crockery Shores Road,

Casnovia, MI 49318

* Paypal link from our webpage:

We all have the same goal ~ to enjoy our beautiful lake and keep it healthy!

What does the Crockery Lake Association Board do for you?







ORDINANCES - all lake related ordinances can be accessed here.

We have a few new residents on the lake. There are ordinances in place that you should be aware

of as you put in your boats and docks and begin the summer fun on the lake.

Ordinance in place about fertilizers and yard waste:a. No Person shall apply, deposit, leave, maintain, place, use or permit another Person to

apply, deposit, leave, maintain, place, or use any fertilizer on any land or property within

three hundred feet (300’) of the lakeshore of Crockery Lake.

b. No Person shall deposit, dump, or place, nor permit another Person to deposit, dump, or

place any grass clippings, yard wastes, shrubs, leaves, tree branches, brush or other plant

materials either on or in Crockery Lake, nor shall any Person store any such materials in a

location in such close proximity to the waters of Crockery lake or in any manner that makes

it more likely than not that such materials will be moved into the waters of Crockery Lake by

wind, water or other means.

There is an ordinance about dock placement and number of motorized boats on each parcel:


From and after the effective date of this Ordinance, no parcel or platted lot which adjoins,

fronts on or abuts Crockery Lake shall have thereon, or in the waters of Crockery Lake

immediately adjacent to such parcel or platted lot, any dock, pier, wharf, or boat mooring site

unless the parcel or platted lot has at least One Hundred (100) feet of frontage on Crockery

Lake for each such dock, pier, wharf, or mooring. Provided, however, that lawful parcels or

platted lots which were of record at the Register of Deeds Office for Ottawa County as of the

effective date of this Ordinance and which have less that One Hundred (100) feet of frontage

on Crockery Lake, may have not more than one (1) dock, pier, wharf, or boat mooring

erected thereon.


No more than three (3) registered watercraft may be moored, stored, anchored or docked

at one time for a given lakefront parcel or lot, whether on or at the shoreline or at a dock, pier

or shore station, in the waters of the lake, on the bottomlands of the parcel or lot or on the

shore. This restriction shall {10591-004-00074460.3} 2 apply to any registered watercraft

which is moored, anchored, docked or otherwise present for periods of time in excess of 48

hours. For purposes of this section, the term “registered watercraft” shall mean a boat, vessel,

or other device for which a certification and registration (or comparable document) has been

issued or is required under the laws of the state of Michigan or the state in which the owner

of the watercraft resides.


A. No more than one (1) dock or pier shall be permitted per lawful parcel or lot.

B. No dock or pier shall extend into Crockery Lake for a distance greater than fifty (50) feet as

measured perpendicularly from the shoreline.

C. Each dock, pier, store-station and boat hoist (and any and all parts thereof) shall be completely

removed from Crockery Lake during the winter season (i.e. from December 15 through the

following March 15). If a permanent dock, pier or other nonconforming dock lawfully existed

prior to the adoption of this Ordinance and if any such dock or pier is replaced, reconstructed,

moved, or altered, it shall lose its lawful nonconforming structure status, in which case such dockor pier (as well as any replacement dock or pier) shall be fully subject to this Ordinance and shall

be completely removed from Crockery Lake from December 15 through the following March 15.

Notwithstanding such prohibition contained in this subsection and the prohibitions contained in

Section 9 hereof, cement blocks and similar small marker items may remain in the lake year

round so long as they comply with Michigan law, are located below the ice (and are not frozen in

the ice) and do not present a safety or navigability hazard.

D. For all properties with frontage on Crockery Lake in any residential or agricultural zone

district under the Chester Township Zoning Ordinance, as amended, only boats or watercraft

owned by the owner or occupant of the lake property involved may be moored, kept, beached,

docked or stored on that property (or the bottomlands thereof) overnight. Notwithstanding such

restriction, the children or parents of the owner of the lake property involved may moor, keep,

beach, dock or store their boat at that lake front property more than 48 hours, but the three

registered watercraft limitation of Section 4 hereof shall still apply.


As we start to have gatherings and parties be reminded that there is a noise ordinance, be

mindful of the fact that noise carries louder and farther over water:


Breach of the Peace Offenses. No person shall:

(A) Disturb the public peace and quiet by loud or boisterous conduct or noise.

Nuisance Animals. No person shall:

Permit any dog, cat or other pet owned or controlled by such person to run loose or be at

large outside the boundaries of the property owned or leased by the owner of the pet (or on

property upon which the owner of the pet has permission to permit the pet to run free or be at

large) unless the pet is on a leash held by a person walking the pet. -

Permit any dog owned or controlled by that person to bark, yelp, howl or produce any

other noise which is excessive or would unreasonably disturb the peace of other persons or

persons residing on the adjoining or nearby properties.

Permit a dog owned or controlled by that person to engage in prolonged barking, howling

or yelping for a period of 15 minutes or longer and where such noise can be heard beyond the

boundary lines of the property on which the dog is located.


Respecting our neighbors makes for a great community!

There is a leash law in Ottawa County. We all love our pets but please keep them

tied up or confined to your property. There have been many dogs running loose

and leaving their business behind and it is not picked up. Please be respectful of

your neighbors and their yards.


In 1995, a report on a 3-year study was done on Crockery Lake by Fredrick B. Bevis

and Lynn C. Bottje in cooperation with Applied Ecology Group. (This study can be found

on the website) At that time, the clarity of the water was less than 6 feet.

The dissolved oxygen was depleted at about 15 feet. Almost 30 years later, 2023, the clarity

of the lake is between 2-3 feet in May, June, and July and 4-5 feet in August and

September. Dissolved oxygen was depleted at 10 feet for most of the summer. This means

our lake is in trouble. We continue to have gross algae throughout the summer, beginning

earlier and occurring more frequently than ever before. The chemical treatments that have

been used for the algae are no longer giving long term effect indicating that the algae in our

lake is becoming resistant to the chemical treatments available.

In the past 30 years innovative advances have been developed to address the issues

we are facing in Crockery Lake. We continue to try to remedy the internal loading which

would be from septic tanks, but we will constantly have external loading from agricultural

and environmental runoff. This is why we do not want fertilizers used close to the lake

water and why we do not want leaves and mowed grass going into the lake. This will not

just be a one year commitment. This will be ongoing but less costly after the first year

because there will always be environmental/agricultural runoff. The quality of the lake

water lies in the sediment on the bottom and deepest parts of the lake which is not easy to


The CLA Board of Directors has been researching different possibilities for lake

remediation. The research is mind boggling. So many options available but they are costly.

We as a board have learned so much but we also are not knowledgeable enough to make a

huge decision on which process to choose. We have spoken with EGLE (Michigan

Department of Environment, Great Lakes and Energy) about possible treatments, permits,

and grants, etc. We have been working with our watershed (LGROW), Ottawa Conservation

District, Ottawa County, and EGLE trying to find out about possible grant money to help

with testing and/or remediation.

At this point the CLA Board of Directors has voted to contract with Restorative

Lake Sciences and Dr. Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones to perform all the needed tests, compilethe reports, research the best remediation process and companies, make recommendations

to the CLA board, procure all permits from EGLE, and oversee and provide all testing and

reports required by EGLE. Each year for the next 5 years this will cost $15,000. Once we

decide on and begin treatment, monitoring is required by EGLE using the same tests needed

for permitting.

The CLA board has a lake testing fund mostly funded mostly by the CLA board of

directors. Currently, there is $6,500 in this fund. The first testing for this year will be done

on May 29, 2024. This will cost $5,000. We are working aggressively to try to get money

from any grants available and from Ottawa County. All testing needs to be completed in one

calendar year to satisfy EGLE. We did the first test last September, 2023. If we don’t get it

all done and paid for by this September, we will have to restart the testing process and it

will be another year before we can begin to fix our lake.

Some of the testing could be paid for from our current lake treatment tax

assessment. We are hoping to receive donations and have some fun fundraisers to help with

the expense if we do not receive any grant money. CLA Board members are petitioning

Ottawa County Finance Committee and the Board of Commissioners for involvement and

monetary help.

The CLA board is hoping you will support cleaning up Crockery Lake in whatever

way you can: donations, septic tank care, attending board meetings, and working with us to

get this lake cleaned up and healthy for swimming, boating, and fishing.

If you would like to donate towards this you can donate by sending a check

payable to Crockery Lake Association and sent to Greg Slater, treasurer, 2500 Crockery

Shores Rd, Casnovia, MI 49318.


Advertising in this newsletter is FREE to Crockery Lake Association Members.

Advertising for business is $25/year. Inclusion of any advertisement in the CLA Newsletter does

not equate to an endorsement by the Crockery Lake Association.

Inclusion of any advertisement in the CLA Newsletter does not equate to an endorsement by the Crockery Lake Association.


President / Betsy Ludwick Position Expires: 4/30/27616.723.5704 /

Newsletter Editor, Website and Facebook page


Vice President / Dan Atwood

Position Expires: 4/30/26


Represents: 2833 - 2871 Crockery Shores, Kaycee

Lane, Crockery Woods

Treasurer / Greg Slater

Position Expires: 4/30/25

Representing: 2221 Van Dyke St - 2391 Van Dyke


Immediate Past President / Bob


Position Expires: 4/30/24

616.957.9007 /

Representing: 2332 - 2550 Crockery Shores

Road, 24th Ave, Hoover


Jason Beuschel

Position Expires:4/30/27

616.520.1108 /

Representing: 2392 Van Dyke - 2516 Van Dyke

Mollie Gaggen

Position Expires: 4/30/26

313.712.6437 /

Representing: 2081 Van Dyke - 2211 Van Dyke

Bill Marks

Position Expires: 4/30/2026

616.430.8372 /

Representing: 2563 Crockery Shores Road - 2798

Crockery Shores Road

Tyler Heitzman

Position Expires: 4/30/27

616.401.5444 /

Representing: 2519 Van Dyke St - 2681 Van Dyke


Secretary / Paula Humphrey

Position Expires: 4/30/25

616.498.0363 /

Representing: 2700 Van Dyke St - 2835 Van DykeCROCKERY LAKE ASSOCIATION


NAME _______________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS _____________________________________________________


PHONE ________________________ CELL PHONE _________________________

E-MAIL _______________________________________________________________

YEARLY DUES: $35 paid by ______________________Date ___________________

FIREWORKS DONATION: $______________ CANDLES _______ at $1.25 each

Crockery Lake Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Dues are not tax

deductible. However, firework donations are tax deductible.

Please make your check to: CROCKERY LAKE ASSOCIATION

Send to: Greg Slater, 2500 Crockery Shores Road, Casnovia, MI 49318




DUES PAID $_______________ DATE __________________

CANDLES _______X $1.25 = _________________

FIREWORKS DONATION $_________________________

FUND A FISH DONATION $ ________________________

CHECK NUMBER _______________________

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