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OCTOBER 2023 Newsletter


October 2023 NEWSLETTER






The last CLA Board meeting is October 18,2023 at7pm. The meeting will be at

the Chester Township Hall: 3509 Sehler St. Conklin, Mi 49403.

The Board of Directors values your thoughts, ideas, and opinions about our



Thank you to everyone who donated to the fireworks fund so far. Crockery

Lake fireworks are totally paid for from contributions from our lake residents and

friends. In order to enjoy the same show next year we need to raise a little more

money: A total of $7,500. At this time we have $5480! We need $2020 more to

match this years fireworks display.

We are working with a new company that also did our 2023 fireworks. They

said they would do a show next year for the amount we have, but it will not be the

same as this year. We would appreciate your contributions and/or if you or your

business would like to sponsor them that would be great. Donations can be

made via the website at: or

Send to: Greg Slater, 2500 Crockery Shores Road, Casnovia,

MI 49318


As we clean up this year there are a few things with lake front clean up to keep in


1. Please rake up your leaves when they fall and dispose of them properly.

Please do not rake or blow grass and leaves into the lake. When they rot in

the water they add to the phosphorus into the lake. This will encourage algae to

grow next year.

2. Clean fire pits out so that if we get high water that comes into

the yard, the ash will not flow into the lake.

3. Make sure all kayaks, floats, docks, swim rafts and toys are far enough

away from the waters edge so they will not float away if we get excessive rain or

when the melt comes in the spring.

4. Please clean up dog excrement during the winter. Melting snow will also

carry this into the lake and we know what e-coli does to a lake.

5. We always encourage you to pump your septic tank every 3-5 years

depending on use. This is huge in keeping our water quality good.

6. All boats and docks must be removed from the lake from December 15 to

March 15 of each year.

7. Fall is a great time to plant some native plants to help maintain your


~ Flowering plants would include: Marsh Milkweed, Swamp Aster, Joe Pye-weed,

Boneset, Cardinal Flower, Great Blue Lobelia, Jewelweed, Allegheny Monkey

Flower, Sweet Gale, Ditch Stonecrop, Water Smartweed, and Lizards tail. ~

Grasses include: Water Sedge, Bristly Sedge, Porcupine Sedge, Lake Sedge,

Tussock Sedge, Virginia Wild Rye, Baltic Rush, Soft Rush, River Bulrush, and

Wool Grass. There are also trees and shrubs that work well on shorelines.

Plants will help protect your shore from waves also.

For a complete list with more information and pictures of each plant go to



Professional Lake Management tested the two deep holes in the lake in August of

2023. The results are not good.

Based on the Total Phosphorus in both deep holes our lake is Hypereutrophic.

Hypertrophic or hypereutrophic lakes are very nutrient-rich lakes characterized by

frequent and severe nuisance algal blooms and low transparency.

From the report:

~ Conditions for fish growth are FAIR. Minimum dissolved oxygen is nearly low enough

to adversely affect sensitive fish.

~ pH is within acceptable limits

~ Sample is highly phosphorus enriched. Consider nutrient abatement measures. Deep

water sample indicates possible internal loading of nutrients (septic seepage).

~ The surface water was also sampled for nutrient enrichment. Results indicate moderate

enrichment of Total Phosphorus.

On September 28, 2022, a Feasibility Study was done by Restorative Lake

Sciences. You can access this study at


This study was done as a result of hours and hours of research into how to best remediate

our lake. This research was conducted by your lake board and some very concerned lake

residents because the algae treatments we have implemented have been less and less

effective for a number of years. This could be due to the resident algae bacteria becoming

resistant to the Copper Sulfate and Chelated Copper that PLM treats with.

This year the lake was treated with a peroxide based treatment when the Copper

seemed ineffective. This product also did not clear up the lake substantially.

In the course of our research, we have concluded that any remediation we want to

do will require permits from EGLE along with required testing. Therefore, the CLA

Board of Directors voted to retain Dr. Jennifer Jermalowicz-Jones from Restorative Lake

Sciences to do the necessary testing, reporting, permit application, and seek bids from

companies for remediation. ( )We have also

petitioned Benjamin Jordan who works as a Conservation Technician at Ottawa

Conservation District to seek grant money for a lake management plan and testing now

and ongoing testing when any treatment is in progress.

With the help of Dr. Jones and Ben Jordan we hope to clean up Crockery Lake. They are

the experts!

If we receive grant money for all of the testing and work that Dr. Jones does for us

we still need to choose the best plan for remediating our lake. We hope to stay away from

chemicals and do this as naturally as possible to preserve the aquatic plants and aquatic

life of Crockery Lake and to make it even better. However, this will require money for

the actual treatment. We already have a Special Assessment District (tax) for the current

weed and algae treatments. We will need another SAD to pay for any new treatment.

Yes, it will increase what we each pay. The projection is that remediation will be

the most costly to each of us for 3 years and then when maintenance care begins the cost

will decrease. The projected cost is close to what it would cost to maintain a swimming

pool. A swimming pool can only be enjoyed for about 3 months of the year. Crockery

Lake is enjoyed by us ALL YEAR. Lake water affects our drinking water; our swimming

water; our fish, turtles and frogs; our watershed; and our property values.

Your support and encouragement is always appreciated. You can email your input

or concerns to

Join us for more discussion on this at our next board meeting on Wednesday,

October 18 at 7pm at the Chester Township Hall.


Now available for Michigan residents

The Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE) is excited to

announce a special program to help Michigan families know the quality of their

well water. EGLE and local health departments (LHD) are working together to

ensure that safe drinking water is a priority for Michigan families.

Last year, the Michigan Legislature appropriated $5 million to provide free well

water testing for Michigan residents who rely on a household or private well for

their drinking water. Water from private wells may sometimes not be safe to drink.

EGLE and the LHDs want to help families know if their water is safe to drink, and

this free well water testing will help get them that answer.

Most wells get checked when they are first built; however, EGLE and the LHDs

know that water wells should be checked more frequently as water quality may

change over time. This testing can determine if there have been any water

quality changes to your well that could be harmful to those who drink and use

that well water.

Many different substances may be found in well water that could be harmful and

may cause illness, including bacteria; nitrates; and some metals, such as

arsenic. Residents who test through this free program will have the assistance of

the LHD to help determine next steps if test results show a problem with their

well water quality.

If you have a private well and you want to know if your water is safe to drink, here

is what you can do:

• Talk to your LHD. They can tell you if there is anything special you need to

know about the water in your area.

• Go to the EGLE website gov/EGLEPrivateWells. Here, you can add your

information to ask for a water test. You will also learn more about how to

collect a water sample to send to the laboratory.

• Don’t worry if you are not sure what the laboratory results mean – your

LHD will help you understand the results and will guide you on next steps,

if necessary.

This free testing program is your first step in knowing if the water you drink from

your private well is safe, and steps to take if an issue is found.To stay up to date

on other EGLE news follow us at

New Interactive Classes for Boater Safety (and hunter education)

by Lt. Tom Wanless,

The Michigan Department of Natural Resources now offers boater safety

and hunter education as interactive online courses, giving students an enhanced

experience that exposes them to real-life scenarios.

The interactive learning options are offered in addition to the existing traditional

classroom and online learning options for both hunter and boater safety.

Boater safety students who opt for the interactive program will follow a

storyline adventure that places them in real-life boating scenarios. While virtually

navigating a vessel, students may approach a sailboat and must determine the

best way to manage the encounter.

Approved by the National Association of State Boating Law

Administrators, the ilearntoboat program allows students to navigate the

curriculum at their own pace and complete the required assessments, including

a final exam.

Boaters born after June 30, 1996, and most personal watercraft operators

who operate a vessel in Michigan must have a boating safety certificate.

The Michigan DNR recreational safety certificate is valid in other states,

which often require an approved boater safety certificate to rent a boat or

personal watercraft (such as a JetSki).

Register for a traditional classroom, interactive or online boater safety

education course at (hunter education

offerings are also available at this link).


It is never to late to offer congratulations!

Congratulations to Tyler and Mary

Heitzman who now have a 1 year old!

This handsome guy was born

September 2022! One of our newest

lake resident.

Advertising in this newsletter is FREE to Crockery Lake Association Members.

Advertising for business is $25/year. Become a Corporate Fireworks Sponsor for a

minimum donation of $300.

Inclusion of any advertisement in the CLA Newsletter does not equate to an

endorsement by the Crockery Lake Association.


President / Betsy Ludwick

Position Expires: 4/30/24

616.723.5704 /

Newsletter Editor, Website and Facebook page Administrator

Vice President / Dan Atwood

Position Expires: 4/30/26


Represents: 2833 - 2871 Crockery Shores, Kaycee Lane, Crockery Woods

Treasurer / Greg Slater

Position Expires: 4/30/25

616.638.6930 /

Representing: 2221 Van Dyke St - 2391 Van Dyke St

Secretary / Paula Humphrey

Position Expires: 4/30/25

616.498.0363 /

Representing: 2392 Van Dyke - 2516 Van Dyke

Immediate Past President / Bob Blauwkamp

Position Expires: 4/30/24

616.957.9007 /

Representing: 2332 - 2550 Crockery Shores Road, 24th Ave, Hoover


Mollie Gaggen

Position Expires: 4/30/26

313.712.6437 /

Representing: 2081 Van Dyke - 2211 Van Dyke

6John deGeneres

Position expires: 4/30/24

225.287.1420 /

Representing: 2563 Crockery Shores Road - 2798 Crockery Shores Road

Carl Elliott

Position Expires: 4/30/24

616.887.4203 home

616.822-9250 /

Representing: 2519 Van Dyke - 2681 Van Dyke

Bill Marks

Position Expires: 4/30/2026

616.430.8372 /

Representing: 2705 Van Dyke St - 2835 Van Dyke


NAME _______________________________________________________________

ADDRESS ____________________________________________________________

MAILING ADDRESS _____________________________________________________


PHONE ________________________ CELL PHONE _________________________

E-MAIL _______________________________________________________________

YEARLY DUES: $35 paid by ______________________Date ___________________

FIREWORKS DONATION: $______________ CANDLES _______ at $1.25 each

Crockery Lake Association is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. Dues are not tax deductible.

However, firework donations are tax deductible.

Please make your check to: CROCKERY LAKE ASSOCIATION

Send to: Greg Slater, 2500 Crockery Shores Road, Casnovia, MI 49318




DUES PAID $_______________ DATE __________________

CANDLES _______X $1.25 = _________________

FIREWORKS DONATION $_________________________

CHECK NUMBER _______________________

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