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Remedies for Harmful Algal Blooms Are Available in Law and Practice

A member of the lake came across this article and thought it would be a good read for our lake residents.

HONOR, Mich. – In 1974, when he was 27 years old, Wilfred Swiecki invited his Maltese-born fiancée to join him at the family cottage on Platte Lake in Benzie County. Though he’d been away for several years pursuing degrees in engineering, Swiecki anticipated showing her the same magnificent northern Michigan lake of his boyhood summers — waters teeming with bass and pike and so clear the deep lake bottom was plainly visible.

Swiecki’s return was a shock. Lake waters were green and filmy with algae. Swirls of blue-green algae and ugly algae mats floated on the surface. The air carried the scent of decay. “I couldn’t see my toes in three feet of water,” Swiecki recalled in an interview. “I said, ‘This is crazy.’ So I really got into it.”


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