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Weed & Algae growth

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Many residents have expressed concern about the sudden and abundant growth of eelgrass. We mention it in the newsletter every year. This is the season for it.

According to Property Lake Management removal of eelgrass by chemical control is generally not recommended. The chemical treatment will only be effective for 3-4 weeks—then the eelgrass quickly grows back. And what the chemical does is weigh down the eelgrass to lay on the bottom but it will quickly resurface

Luckily, eelgrass has shallow roots and it is easy to pull out if you do not like it in your swim area. The earlier you pull it out, the less work it will be for you. Be a good lake neighbor and clean it out of the lake if you pull it rather than let it float away to rot.

One lake resident has noticed a significant reduction in the weeds by reducing the muck. Buying muck pellets from Professional Lake Management works well. A $100 bucket will cover an area approximately 50’ x 50’. Apply the pellets once a month. MD Pellets. They will make arrangements to drop off the pellets at your house so you avoid shipping costs.

Of more concern right now is the possibility of an Algae Bloom because of the continuous warm weather. If you notice the water looking peculiar let a board member know or email .


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