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Weed & Algae Treatment

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Wednesday May 25, 2022 PLM is planning on administering an algae treatment to the lake before the holiday weekend. They will treat for algae but their crew will be prepared to treat both nuisance algae and milfoil or Curlyleaf pondweed, if found. We are trying to be proactive this year.

The DNR was on the lake today, May 24, looking for freshly dead fish to study. They advised doing the weed and algae treatment. But they also cautioned that there may be some fish deeper down who are already dying and the treatment may bring them to the surface. So be prepared for this and please try to remove any fish that are dead in your area. They still make good fertilizer if you plant them deep enough.

Any questions, let a board member know or email us at

Watch for the green paper on a tree after the treatment and follow any cautions listed.

Protecting our lake and the lake residence is our job as your board.

Looking forward to a wonderful Memorial day weekend and a wonderful summer.

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