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July 2018 / CLA Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jun 21, 2019



JULY 18, 2018

Board Members Present: Pat Wolters, Linda Lane, Dennis Arms, Bruce Callen, Carl Elliott, Linda Rexford, Bob Blauwkamp. Absent: Betsy Ludwick. Public attendees: Jodi Hyde, Karen Elliott, Greg Slater.

  1. Called meeting to order at 7:08 p.m. at 2379 VanDyke, Conklin, Michigan.

  2. Agenda Approved with addition of Newsletter. (Motion by Linda Lane; seconded by Carl Elliott). Motion carried.

  3. Public Comment. A member encouraged the CLA Board to continue to look carefully into and quickly create the lake resident survey.

  4. Secretary Report. The June 27 2018 minutes (motion to accept by Pat Wolters; seconded by Dennis Arms). Motion carried.

  5. Treasurer’s Report. A copy of the Treasurer’s Report thru July 17, 2018 is attached to these minutes. A motion was made by Linda Lane to attach the Treasurer’s Report to each month’s Board minutes; seconded by Pat Wolters. Motion carried. Bob will look into revising the form of the report so it is clearer regarding current totals for Association Dues and next year’s fireworks.

  6. Website/Facebook Update/Newsletter. Website: A new software is being used to edit the website. The website has been totally revamped and includes many new sections including CLA information, Lake History, Route map and which Board member is assigned to each; easier access to Newsletters and Board Minutes. The ability for residents to sign up to receive the newsletter and other announcements has been created. All newsletters and board minutes for the last 2 years will be included on the site. If anyone wants older documents there is a section to request same. All sections should be completely created in a couple more weeks. Kathleen Spangler (Linda’s daughter) will: maintain the email address; she will be the contact for older material requests; she will add the minutes/newsletters to the website and then notify those who have signed up when newsletters or board minutes have been added. She will also put a notification on the CLA Facebook site re this information. She will continue to update the photos section as we get them in on Facebook. She will update the thermometer. All Board members need to go to the website and add their email address so they will receive the notifications. Linda encouraged them to become familiar with the website. Chuck Lane will continue to be a co-administrator of the site. Newsletters. Because Buzz has retired from his job, he is no longer able to make the very generous donation of copying newsletters for us. We do not have enough money in the CLA budget to afford to print the newsletters. It was decided last month that the newsletters will go out via email. A flyer has been created that will advise residents of this change. A copy will be given to each resident by Saturday, July 21. The newsletter will be placed on the CLA website on July 30. Residents who have signed up will then receive notification of the July newsletter. We will also place this flyer in resident mailboxes in mid-August and again in March of next year. Plan on publication of the newsletter at the end of each month. Greg Slater volunteered to print out the flyers. Carl Elliott or Bruce Callen will pick them up on Friday so they can be distributed Saturday morning.

  7. Lake Ordinance. 4 versions of draft surveys were submitted for review by the CLA Board. A final version including questions from them were incorporated into the final product. A copy of the final version is attached to these minutes. Bruce will make copies of the survey; Karen Elliott volunteered to do the return label stickers; Bruce will obtain stamps to be used on both envelopes. Pat & Linda will compare the sticker lists for mailing with the Township’s list of lake property owners. The Board will meet Friday night, July 20 to get the envelopes ready to mail out the following day. Linda Lane will be receiving the returned opinion surveys via mail at her home. She will not open the envelopes and will bring all received to the August 15 meeting. They will then be opened at the meeting.

  8. Special Assessment – Lake Treatment Petition. All Board members reported on their progress regarding obtaining signatures of lake residents. All expressed the problem of having to make repeated trips to residents because they were not home. We are making good progress. Deadline to submit our signed petitions to the Township is the end of September.

Meeting adjourned 8:44 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Lane, Secretary




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