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June 27 2018 / CLA Board Meeting Minutes

Updated: Jul 19, 2018



JUNE 27, 2018

Board Members Present: Pat Wolters, Linda Lane, Betsy Ludwick, Dennis Arms, Bruce Callen, Carl Elliott Absent: Linda Rexford and Bob Blauwkamp. Public attendees: Dave and Jodi Hyde, Sue McClure, Greg Slater.

  1. Called meeting to order at 7:03 p.m. at 2379 VanDyke, Conklin, Michigan.

  2. Agenda Approved with addition of Opinion Poll re Ordinance. (Motion by Carl Elliott; seconded by Betsy Ludwick). Motion carried.

  3. Public Comment. A member expressed her opinion in favor of continuing the weed treatments via special assessment. She submitted her comments in writing. Her comments will be places on the CLA webpage.

  4. Secretary Reports. The May 2018 minutes (motion to accept by Betsy Ludwick; seconded by Dennis Arms). Motion carried. The June 20, 2018 minutes (motion to accept by Pat Wolters, seconded by Betsy Ludwick). Motion carried.

  5. Treasurer’s Report. Bob was absent and did not submit a Treasurer’s Report. Motion to table to July meeting by Bruce Callen, seconded by Dennis Arms. Motion carried. Miscellaneous: Bruce will send Carl a receipt form to be used regarding collection of dues via email. Pat will give collection of donations received so far by Betsy and Linda to Bob. They confirmed all monies collected are recorded on their worksheets.

  6. Opinion Poll Re Ordinance. Linda’s draft of a proposed opinion poll was handed out to members. Carl’s draft rewrite of the Ordinance was also passed out. Linda Lane will give copies of each to Linda Rexford. Carl will give a copy of his to Bob.

  7. Carl was directed to create a redline copy of his draft which includes all language deleted from the Township’s final ordinance. The Board felt it would be very difficult and time-consuming to figure out what was deleted. He will e-mail the redlined copy to all Board members prior to the July meeting.

  8. Because the board was not able to review Carl’s draft for the reason stated above, and the need to then compare the three drafts submitted, it was decided to table work on the opinion poll until the July meeting. After Carl’s redlined version is received, Board members should be ready to discuss and create the final opinion poll at the July meeting. The Township has indicated it would like to have the opinion poll results by early September.

  9. Fourth of July Questions. None. All set. Dennis agreed to take pictures of the boat parade entries.

  10. Newsletter Copy Costs. Buzz Holtvluwer is no longer able to make copies for CLA. We have been so spoiled by Buzz’s generous donation! We will send Buzz a special thank you note. After checking with two print shops, it was discovered a three page, double-sided newsletter in black & white would cost over $200 to print. We have 5 newsletters each year. The CLA yearly budget for copy costs is $200 a year; we cannot afford $1,000 in copy costs.

  11. A motion by Linda Lane was made, and seconded by Pat Wolters as follows: “No more paper copies of newsletters will be sent to residents because of budget constraints. A one-page paper newsletter which indicates this change will be given to residents for the July and August/September newsletters. The CLA website will be edited to allow residents to sign up for e-mail newsletters. Newsletters will be sent via email to those who supply CLA with their email address. Residents who do not supply email addresses will be instructed to access the CLA website directly to view the newsletters. Newsletters will continue to be available at the CLA website. The minutes of CLA meetings will continue to be available on the CLA webpage. A paper copy of the CLA newsletter will be made available at the Chester Township offices. There will be a link to the newsletter via the CLA Facebook page.” Motion approved, one dissenting vote by Carl Elliott. Greg Slater volunteered to print off the one-page newsletters free of cost for the months of July and August/September. Thank you Greg!

  12. Special Assessment – Lake Treatment Petition. CLA had sent the Township proposed language changes to the petition. The Township reviewed the proposed changes and responded that the only accepted change would be deletion of the word “aeration”, the assessment amounts needed to be listed by a per parcel amount, and the board needed to decide on a 10 year or 20 year renewal of the petition. Motion made by Linda Lane to approve final petition (as shown below), seconded by Bruce Callen. Motion approved, one dissenting vote by Carl Elliott.



(Crockery Lake, Chester Township, Ottawa County)



We, the undersigned property owners of record of the lots or parcels of land described below, HEREBY PETITION the Township of Chester to establish a special assessment district to provide for the eradication or control of nuisance or invasive aquatic weeds and plants and related matters in Crockery Lake and to provide for the defraying of the costs and expenses thereof by means of the special assessment of lands included in the special assessment district.

This petition is submitted in accordance with Act 188 of the Public Acts of Michigan of 1954, as amended.

We consent to the inclusion of our land in a Special Assessment District for this project. We understand that the improvements shall be made in accordance with plans to be prepared, reviewed and approved by or at the request of the Township Board. We also understand that the costs of the improvements, including engineer, legal, monitoring, reporting, and financing costs, if any, will be specially assessed against lands in the district and may be divided into annual installments for a period to be determined by the Township.

Methods and processes that could be used pursuant to the Special Assessment District can include, but are not limited to, chemical and biological treatments, harvesting, and removal of algae and aquatic plants (and other invasive species).

Although we know that it is not binding upon the Township Board should the requested Special Assessment District be approved, we request that the properties (and portions of properties) as shown on the map attached hereto as Exhibit A (i.e. properties with frontage on Crockery Lake) shall comprise the Special Assessment District (and that such lands also be utilized for determining whether or not the record owners of land constituting more than 50% of the total land area in the special assessment district have signed the petition as specified by MCL 41.723), and that the Special Assessment District be valid for 20 years. We further request that the special assessments be calculated on a per property basis (i.e. one assessment per taxable lot or parcel). It is anticipated that the cost per taxable lot or parcel will be between $112.00 and $178.00 for the first year of the assessment, between $98.00 and $154.00 the second year and between $103.00 and $159.00 for the third and subsequent years per taxable lakefront parcel, although such figures could change over time. The matters contained in this paragraph are requests only and shall not be deemed a condition of any of the below-signed persons signing this petition.


Property Owner of Record (Both Must Sign if Property is Owned Jointly)*




Address or Plat/Lot Number or Permanent Parcel Description of Property to be Included in Special Assessment District (if known)

*(Owner of Record means Deedholder or Land Contract Purchaser, if land contract is recorded with County Register of Deeds)


The undersigned says that he/she circulated this petition; that all signatures upon the foregoing petition were made in his/her presence; that each signature to the petition is the genuine signature of the person signing the same, and that to his/her best knowledge and belief each person signing the petition was at the time of signing the property owner of record of the property in question.


_______________, 20__

Signature of Circulator

Name (Print)

Address of Circulator

Meeting adjourned: 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Lane, Secretary


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