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March 2018 / CLA Board Meeting Minutes



MARCH 21, 2018

Board Members Present: Bruce Callen, Dennis Arms, Del Deur, Linda Rexford, Bob Blauwkamp, Pat Wolters, and Linda Lane. Absent: Sue McClure

  1. Called meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. at 2379 VanDyke, Conklin, Michigan.

  2. Amended Agenda Approved with addition of 2018 Budget. (Motion by Pat Wolters; seconded by Del Deur). Motion carried.

  3. Secretary Reports for October and November 2017 Approved. (Motion by Del Deur; seconded by Dennis Arms) Motion carried.

  4. Treasurer’s Report Approved. (Motion by Linda Lane; seconded by Linda Rexford). Motion carried.

  5. Proposed 2018 Budget was presented by Bob Blauwkamp. Board approved the budget without changes. The budget shows a shortfall to cover all required expenses for the year. A Motion was made by Bob to increase dues to $35 for under 65 years and $30 for those over 65. Motion seconded by Bruce Callen. Motion carried.

  6. Website/Facebook Update. Thermometer adjusted to zero to start 2019 donations for fireworks. 2018 Rally funds were sent to Bob and he acknowledged they were received. Rally set to receive 2019 donations now. Bruce asked if a group could be created of interested Crockery Lake residents separate from the Facebook page. Linda will discuss this with Katie Spangler and report back next month. Bruce also asked if others could be added as administrators to the Website. Linda will check on this too.

  7. Dock and Boat Ordinance. Ten non-Board residents came to the meeting to express their thoughts on the Final Draft of the ordinance. Each was given time to speak. This item is tabled to the April board meeting. A recommendation must be made at the April meeting and immediately sent to the Township. We plan to present the Final Draft at the Annual Meeting in May. Board members are encouraged to again review the Final Draft before the April meeting.

  8. CLA Annual Meeting. Date: May 16, 2018. Place: Grose Park Shelter. Dinner: 6:00 p.m. Meeting: 7:00 p.m. Speaker will be Jaimee Conroy from PLM. Questions from attendees is encouraged. Menu: Hot dogs and buns: Pat Wolters; Beans: Linda Lane; Drinks, forks, cups plates: Bruce Callen; Condiments: Linda Rexford; Dessert: Betsy Ludwick.

  9. 2018 Fireworks. $4,607.67 collected. First time we have ever met our goal on time! Pat to contact Wolverine Fireworks re contract. Linda will send Carl Elliott the shot list when received. Carl would appreciate help setting up on morning of July 3 and teardown on morning of July 4. Newsletter item. Carl Elliott will contact Frank Gunkel to get permission to shoot fireworks off from his property.

  10. Board Member Statuses/Expirations. Two Board positions are open this year: Del Deur (who says he will run again) and Sue McClure. Both are three-year terms. Newsletter item.

  11. Newsletter Ads. Linda will send a letter to each of our advertisers from last year seeing if they would like to advertise again this year.

  12. Weed Treatment—Pat will have PLM take the Survey Testing off our 2018 contract. These tests are done by CLA Board members. Weed treatment is tabled to the April meeting. Jaimee Conroy has agreed to attend the meeting.

  13. Well Water Testing Kits. Dennis Arms will pick up water testing kits at the Coopersville Extension. All Board members indicated they would like a kit. They will also be available for those to attend the annual meeting.

  14. 2018 Goals and Objectives. (1) Weed treatment special assessment renewal; (2) investigate residents’ desire for possible sewer system. Bruce will contact the Township re weed treatment district renewal. Del will create possible questions to get resident feedback re sewer survey.

Next meeting: April 18, 2018 7:00 p.m. Callen Cottage, 2379 Van Dyke.

Meeting adjourned at 9:30 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Lane



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