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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from your Crockery Lake Association Board of Directors!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

from your Crockery Lake Association Board of Directors! 

We are so very thankful for our lake and our lake community and for those who are willing to serve on the Board.

The Board of Directors does not officially meet in the winter but we do continue to communicate about opportunities to make our lake better. Last year, a few of  us took a class on Michigan inland lakes from the Michigan State University Extension. Some of us also attended different webinars offered by our watershed

and our conservation district. This keeps us informed on what our state and local government are doing and it gives us a better understanding of what best management practices we can do for Crockery Lake.

We have been working hard on options to clean up our lake water. This past couple of years we have researched and had meetings with experts on Lake Quality looking for the best solution for dealing with the external and internal loading of anything that can cause an imbalance of the nutrients that cause excessive

algae growth. This is not only an informative job but a time consuming job. We ask for your support in our ongoing efforts.

We would also like to ask you to consider a donation or an additional donation to our 2024 fireworks fund.

  • Our goal is $7,000 to duplicate last year's fireworks.

  • The amount is currently at $5,885. Will you help us meet the goal of $7000?

  • All donations for 2024 fireworks are tax deductible and must be received by 12/31/23.

  • Any donations after that will go into the 2025 fund. Please consider being a part of this awesome

  • event.

And anytime you have questions or ideas for our lake and the lake community please contact your lake representative or email us at

PRESIDENT / Betsy Ludwick

616.723.5704 /

Vice President / Dan Atwood

616.240.5670 / dan@atwoodforestproducts.coms!

Represents: 2833 - 2871 Crockery Shores,

Kaycee Lane, Crockery Woods

Treasurer / Greg Slater

Representing: 2221 Van Dyke St - 2391 Van Dyke Street

Secretary / Paula Humphrey

616.498.0363 /

Representing: 2392 Van Dyke - 2516 Van Dyke

Bob Blauwkamp

616.957.9007 /

Representing 2332 -2550 Crockery Shores Road, 24th Ave, Hoover

Mollie Gaggan

Representing: 2081 Van Dyke - 2211 Van Dyke

Carl Elliott

616.822.9250 /

Representing: 2519 - 2681 Van Dyke

Bill Marks

616.430.8372 /

Representing: 2705 Van Dyke St - 2835 Van Dyke

John DeGeneres

225.287.1420 /

Representing: 2563 - 2798 Crockery Shores Road

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